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Relationship Building

The Four C's In Marriage

For a successful and healthy marriage there must be Communication, Commitment, Consideration and Christ-Centeredness.

We are told that 50% of marriages end up in divorce and of that fifty percent 53% are caused by lack of communication.  It is said that communication is to relationship what blood is to life.

Commitment involves heart, soul, mind and body.  Lack of commitment in any given relationship opens the door for infidelity.  It is necessary to use consideration when making decision that will impact or affect our spouse.  Since Christ is our role model when it comes to relationship, a Christ-Centered marriage can only be based upon biblical principles to make it successful.


Intimacy is a place of pleasure and delight (a safe place).  It involves four environments and four elements.  The four environments are emotional, mental, physical and spiritual.  The four elements are value, energy, sacrifice and trust.  All environments and elements are important to the equilibrium of intimacy.  Therefore we must be proactive in making sure all areas are protected. 


Two Hearts That Beat As One Marriage Conference 2024


Mentorship For Couples



Mentorship For Wives Inner Circle

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