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Co-Pastor Sharon Clarke

Sharon Clarke is the oldest of five children and mother of two, Sherone and Colin Clarke Jr.  She Co-Pastor with her husband, Colin Clarke the Senior Pastor of Shepherd’s Heart Ministry, Philadelphia, PA.


She is an anointed Holy Ghost filled believer who remains a diligent worker in the body of Christ.  She has served on various auxiliaries such as the Youth, The Missionaries, The Women’s Ministry, and have worked as a Financial Advisor, Business Administration and Conference Coordinator.  She is an Accountant and the Owner and CEO of Sharco Financial Services.


Having earned her credentials in Christian Counseling, she Co-host “The Two Hearts That Beat as One Network” with her husband. A Ministry that provides workshops and sessions to help Couples keep their relationship in a healthy place.  Sharon and her husband perform pre-marital counseling as well as marriage tutorial for couples to help them sharpen the tools towards a healthy marriage.  She has organized many marriage retreats for the group and has fronted trips for marriage groups to Punta Cana and most recently to Cancun, Mexico.  She believes that if the marriage is intact then the church will be wholesome. 

She is the Co-Pastor of Shepherd’s Heart Ministry located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for eight years.  This holistic Ministry tends to the complete man; mental, physical, emotional and spiritual make of the human being. She has led many community outreach and has help to spearhead the “Recovery Ministry”.  This Ministry help individuals who may have a hard time recovering from a trauma, be it drugs, death or any kind of addiction. She is a National Notary and also a certified Chaplain.


A preacher, a prayer warrior, a visionary, a listener and an encourager are the words that would best define this anointed vessel and Woman of God.  Her favorite scripture is “In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He will direct thy path” Proverbs 3:6. Some of her hobbies are inclusive of travelling, gardening and being a good listener.

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