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Pastor Colin Clarke Sr. is the son of the late Deacon Herbert and Mavis Clarke, he was baptized and filled with the Holy Ghost at a tender age. He migrated to the United States in 1984, where he joined his wife Sharon Clarke.  Through this union, they were blessed to produce two children, Sherone and Colin Jr. 


He is a graduate from La Salle University with a Bachelor of Science Degree and an Associate Degree from Community College of Philadelphia. He has acquired several Certifications in developmental courses such as Business Professional Program (2 years), Critical Conversation: Having the “Hard-to-Have” Discussion, Leadership Skill for Today’s Workforce, Successful Communication, Teambuilding Skills, Managing People through Motivation, Psychology and Counseling which he utilizes both professionally and spiritually. He has done several courses in Biblical Studies, such as Homiletic, Expository Preaching (The Importance of Expository Preaching, Planning Your Preaching, The Role of The Holy Spirit in Expository Preaching, and Communication in Preaching), Topical Preaching, Textual Preaching, and Christian Counseling.


Senior Pastor Colin Clarke

He served as a Minister from 1982 – 1998 under various Ministries, namely Bible Way Apostolic Church Kingston Jamaica, Grace Community Temple Philadelphia, PA., Rose of Sharon Apostolic Church Philadelphia PA., and True United Apostolic Church in Philadelphia, PA. While at True United Church he was ordained as an Elder. While being at True United Church for over 20+ years he participated in the executive decision, the day to day activities concerning the growth and development of the church, oversee the Men’s Ministry, was Co-Leader for the Married Couples Ministry and a Mentor to the Young Men of the church.


 He is a man of God with solid character and anointed gifts.  His focus is changing life for the better with the motto “To Impact and Improve”.  A soul stirring preacher would best describe one of the awesome characteristics in this man of God.  Some of his prominent messages are “It’s Only a Test”, “Panic or Pray” “Raise the Praise”, ‘The Ball is in your Court”, “Don’t Cry over Spilt Milk”, “Show Me Your Glory”, “Faith in Despair”, “Fit To Fight”, “Hope In The Midst Of Adversity, “Can You Worship In The Fire?” and  most recently “Turn it Up”. He is also an excellent teacher of the word and his unique teaching style ushers warmth to his listeners as he speaks and encourages from a concerned and personal approach.


His knowledge and love for the Word of God is evident and is revealed in his ability to memorize and exegete scriptures and apply them to life’s circumstances.  Colin’s love for God’s word has earned him a compilation of literature and books whose pages are worn from their constant usage.  He believes that reading is paramount and his love for reading has allowed him to be an effective preacher and teacher.


In 2013 under the direction and leading of the Holy Spirit he answered the call to the Pastorate of Shepherd’s Heart Ministry, where he and his wife endeavors to preach, teach and show God’s people what it means to have compassion, care and courage while living a victorious life in God. With his strategic skills and administrative ability Shepherd’s Heart Ministry was able to purchase in 2018 their current edifice. He has directed the Ministry in various community outreach activities; Heath Fair, Food Distribution, Leadership Training and Recovery Program. Colin Clarke believes in a holistic approach in ministry reaching body, mind and soul. Such approach covers ongoing sessions on Depression, Addiction and Grief. The website for Shepherd’s Heart Ministry is

Colin Clarke is advocate for marriage and does both private and public group sessions for Couples helping them to keep their relationship in a safe place.  With his over 39 years of marriage, he and his wife pursue to equip couples to take a proactive, positive and preventative approach towards their relationship.


Colin Clarke is also a certified John Maxwell Speaker, Trainer and Coach. This a skill has opened platforms in Corporate America helping Employers and Employees in training and development.


 His favorite scripture is Psalms 3:3 “But thou, O LORD, art a shield for me; my glory, and the lifter up of mine head”.

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